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Insight into Action Retreat – Block Island 2009

2009 Insight Into Action Retreat – Sign of the Dove House, Block Island

Just minutes from the quaint town and beautiful beaches on Block Island, we gathered to explore a 9 step process of conscious change, combined with daily  meditation and yoga practice. A group that entered as strangers left like family.  I will never forget our first silent morning, people seamlessly adjusting their routine of taking tea and setting up mats. With a deep sense of gratitude, we all sank into while meditating over our abundant breakfast. When silence was broken with a heavenly choir of voices singing Ong Namo, the joy and love in the air was palpable. Then we gathered on pillows by the crackling fire for group process. Afternoons held time for island explorations, labyrinth walks and quiet self reflection. Evening yoga nidras put everyone into a state of deep relaxation, and the last night’s dancing was a celebration of our journey together.

“I feel so blessed to have been part of such an incredible group. A  gathering of souls that was able to experience those rich, sublime moments that occur when human beings are authentic, reaching for deep meaning and perhaps purpose beyond themselves. Your loving concern and attention to each person, each practice, each ritual, each meal was so comforting, so serene. You resolutely forwarded and fostered  growth in all of us with kindness and intention. I thank you so very much! With deep respect and love,”

~ Pat

“Just to express my gratitude to you for your inspiration, belief, tenacity and brilliance in organizing, executing and living our retreat.  All your hard work and preparation paid off with every thoughtful detail from the linens on the shrine to the candles to the curriculum to the food to each individual, to the millions of steps and points you had to put into place.  Phenomenal for one person to manage all of this and then to have the energy to give to us in so many ways – bringing us to our edge with challenge, supporting and guiding us, teaching us, listening, holding, witnessing, blessing us.  My heart is full of admiration and appreciation.”

~ Carolyn

“Thank you, each one of you, for creating and holding space for the LOVE and LIGHT we were able to call forth. September on Block Island has been engraved in my heart.  I see each of your shining faces there when I travel each night from the darkness into the deep blue ocean of LOVE that surrounds us all. Peace to all, and peace to our beautiful earth.”

~ Sally