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Yoga of Love & Devotion Retreat – Hawaii 2012

2012 Yoga of Love & Devotion Retreat – Turtle Bay, Hawaii

This year’s retreat centered on the Yoga science of Love. We studied what the Yoga Sutras teach about how to spiritualize our relationships and develop more unconditional love; how to release expectation and attachment through meditation; and how to find freedom through devotion. We shared morning and evening  yoga sessions that incorporated pranayama, yoga philosophy, and yoga therapy. In satsang we learned to see each other as mirrors with acceptance, compassion and forgiveness. Free time was full of  snorkeling, hiking, surfing, whale watching and relaxing! Evenings for sunset meditation at the Heiau, soaking up the jacuzzi, enjoying local shrimp trucks, or dancing in the Hawaiian moonlight.

Hawaii 2012 Retreat

What attendees had to say:

jane at 2012 retreat
“Thanks for your fabulous retreat. It was a wonderful experience and I felt so much better when I got home. I had a good week and started my meditation practice. I had a lot of positive interactions this week and felt more self-confident and centered. We all connected with some wonderful kindred spirits at the retreat. I learned that they are out there , although sometimes hard to find in a busy world – they are there.”
~ Jane A.
“Just a brief note to thank you again for the wonderful and inspiring week!  I consider myself fortunate indeed to have been introduced to the practice and philosophy of yoga by one so knowledgeable, passionate and loyal to the true meaning.  I look forward to continuing my studies and hopefully attending another retreat!”
~ Guy G.
Guy at 2012 retreat
janice at 2012 retreat
“I have made the commitment to place yoga and meditation above all else in my schedule/life. In the retreat, I experienced feeling wonderful, centered and happy and healthy. I liked the idea to check in with myself a couple of times a day and have enlisted a “buddy.” There will always be people that I love who will have problems/issues, and I can be empathetic, but this is my life, and I want to live it to the fullest. You’re an incredibly talented teacher who is passionate about your subject (the yoga path) and who lives and models this passion. You put in incredible amount of time into the planning and orchestration, for us. I learned so much about the practice; the physical as well as the spiritual… the way of life. The week changed my life.”
~ Janice L.
“I totally feel inspired and devoted. You my dear Jennie are a truly inspiring and motivating teacher”
~ Gwen H.
gwen at 2012 retreat