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Are you sacrificing joy for self-image?

The other day I was talking to a client, a brilliant, beautiful young woman with everything available to her. She was overcome with anxiety and fear about her life, because she felt that if she pursued what was meaningful to her, that she might not be perfect at it, and that she would be judged by others. This left her in a self-sabotaging loop of going after something that she cared about for a little while, and then finding a way to undo it all before she completed it so that she would not have to experience the possibility of failure, imperfection or judgment of others. Basically, she preemptively did all of those things for herself, so no one else ever could.

Are you your own harshest critic? Are you robbing yourself of joy for the sake of your self-image? If so, this is no way to live life. We are given passions and interests to enjoy and express ourselves through, and ultimately use in service to others. If we deny ourselves the joy of being who we truly are, then we will never align with others who appreciate what we uniquely have to share, and we will not fulfill the expression of the Divine that we were created for.

Yoga is the practice of coming home to our true Self. By allowing our inner light to shine forth freely, we reclaim our happiness and we bless all those around us. So wipe the falseness away from your self image mirror and smile into your joyful self today.