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I Quit

I was having a moment the other day when I just felt like QUITTING everything!⁠

Because of my strong self-inquiry practice, my inner wise self asked, “What is it you REALLY want to quit? ⁠

This is what came up:⁠

👎🏼 Putting work above self-care.⁠

👎🏼 Doing what I think is expected rather than what I truly want.⁠

👎🏼 Showing up when I am exhausted rather than say a polite no.⁠

👎🏼 Leaving my creative work for last. ⁠

👎🏼 Pushing myself constantly.⁠

👎🏼 Not giving myself enough credit for all that I have accomplished. ⁠

👎🏼 Trying to re-prove myself over and over.⁠

👎🏼 Thinking I always need to do more. ⁠

Can you relate to any of these? ⁠