What is possible is beyond our wildest imaginings!” ~ Anodea Judith

Yoga Therapy by Jennie Lee

In a Master’s program in 1998, I was asked to present my personal “Theory of Counseling.” At the time, my life was full of challenge – a rocky marriage, a new baby, and a pending move away from everything I knew. Although apprehensive about the unknown, something in me imagined finding happiness again and so I crafted a theory of how to get there. Called Joy Therapy – here is how it began:

“Inside each of us is the radiant light of Joy. It is the Divine spark, ignited at our birth. The essence of Joy Therapy is to facilitate the realization of this connection to our Divine source, thereby allowing us to live in joy and let our inner light shine forth.”

Although I now call my life coaching process Yoga Therapy, this is what I offer you. The tools to make life altering choices, the assurance that Joy is possible, and the guidance to make a joyful life your reality.

In fact,  Joy Therapy & Yoga Therapy ARE one in the same. When I wrote my thesis, I had no idea I was creating a parallel model to an ancient outline the Yogis had put forth in the Yoga Sutras detailing the steps to happiness called the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Five thousand years ago, they had discovered that with the right formula, life could be filled with love, beauty, tranquility and that’s right…JOY!Once I realized the headstands and downward dogs I loved so much were connected to this amazing science of happiness, it made perfect sense to adopt my predecessors’ path and merge my Joy Therapy into Yoga Therapy.Many years have past since then and life has delivered plenty of challenges to test my theory personally, such as a severe depression, the loss of a second child, a divorce, several cross country moves, and a decade of single parenting. Yet I have never lost the knowing that it IS possible to live in JOY.  I can tell you now with utmost certainty, that what is possible is actually“beyond our wildest imaginings.”

A Non-Traditional Life Coaching Model

My method of life coaching/yoga therapy is not “traditional” and I don’t base my counsel on the latest trends. It is based on over 20 years of study of a 5,000 year old science of happiness – Yoga. Through the complete teachings of this ancient practice, I help you understand your conditioning and move beyond it to greater freedom.

If credentials are important to you the resume follows, but are you going to hire a coach, therapist, or teacher because they have a degree from such-and-such University? Or are you going to assess their qualifications based on real time experience LIVING the stuff they are counseling and teaching? I know my answer, and I want to work with the people who have the same one.

I am not the right coach or teacher for everyone. But if you are 100% ready to make the inevitably-challenging-yet-always-rewarding positive change that you’ve been thinking about and/or talking about for years – then let’s go. There is no time to waste. Life is moving past you at lightening speed. I am here, ready, willing, 100% committed to the process with you and will not give up until we get you where you want to go!

If you still need convincing that the teachings of Yoga have anything to offer you personally, well just Google it. Benefits of Yoga & Meditation. It hasn’t been around for 5000 years for no reason!

I have walked the path you are now considering. The most important thing you need to know is that I am a steadfast, compassionate, authentic, responsive and challenging yoga coach. I will go with you as far as you want to go on the journey of self-exploration, Self-awareness, and life transformation. I provide a safe space in which you can heal and grow. From there your soul will do the rest.

Here are just some of the things therapeutic yoga has helped me overcome:   deaths & losses (my daughter, father, marriage, & friendships), depression, anxiety, stress, fear, hopelessness, moves across country, changing communities, leaving family, health issues, relationship pain and change!

If all of this is feeling ‘right’ to you, give me a call now for a free consultation. 978-771-4000. Or read what is yoga therapy?


How I Found Yoga

I was introduced to Yoga about 17 years ago and knew from the first class I took (Bryan Kest Power Yoga, LA) that it would be part of my life forever. At first, I was captivated by the physical benefits of Yoga – how my body felt after the wonderful stretches and strengthening postures. I actually began to feel at home in my physical self for the first time ever!

Hundreds of diverse Yoga classes later, I was pregnant with my first child. Stressed by the changes of pregnancy, I toned down the physical practice and started studying with a teacher who focused on Pranayama. Pranayama is life energy control. I started to understand how my emotions and thoughts were in fact controllable with the correct meditation techniques and discipline.

When My Yoga Became Yoga Therapy

Fast forward three years. I lost my second child at birth, was facing divorce, living in an unfamiliar region of the country without friends, needing income ASAP while trying to be present for my young son. I had nowhere to go except to my practice.  I opened a small studio in Newburyport, MA called Stillness in Motion Yoga & Wellness in 2002 and almost from the get-go I realized that every one of my students, whether they knew it or not, had come for more than just tight abs and loose hamstrings.  In the intimate moments of practice, I could see that everyone was craving a deeper understanding of their experience, their purpose, and the meaning behind this whole crazy life.

So I began combining techniques I had learned in my Master’s work in Spiritual Psychology, (where I had written my Theory of Joy Therapy) with the practices taught in the Yoga Sutras. Thirteen years later, I have not one regret in becoming a Yoga Therapist.

Over 10, 000 Teaching Hours

Over 10, 000 teaching/counseling hours later, I feel profoundly grateful to have shared the healing benefits of Yoga Therapy with hundreds of clients. I know compassion for each person that sits with me, willing to share their struggles and available to do the work to rise above. Having gone through extensive loss and life change myself, I get it! Life can be difficult AND I know that Yoga holds the keys to the happiness we all seek. We can get through it all and live in JOY.

A Few Things from the Resume

If you have read this far, you have a sense of the teacher I am. If what I write resonates, that is a much better indication that I would be a good coach for you than any ‘credentials.’ But just for kicks, here are a few bullet points.

  • Over 20 years experience in Yoga Philosophy & Practice, Meditation Studies & Self Development
  • Certified in Process Therapy (aka Hakomi Method, Somatic Therapy or Body Centered Psychotherapy)
  • Master’s Degree Candidate in Spiritual Psychology
  • International Yoga & Meditation Retreat Planner & Facilitator (9 years running)
  • Workshop Developer & Public Speaker:

Yoga of Love & Devotion, Gratitude Yoga, Yoga Philosophy and Imagination, Yoga of Conscious Trust, Implementing Conscious Change, Sri Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: the 8 Limbs of Yoga, The 10 Components of Wellness, Your Steps to Consciousness, Authenticity and Wellness, Conquering Fear, Chakra Clearing, and Opening to More Joy

  • Corporate Presenter on Yoga’s Benefits & Practices at meetings and management retreats
  • Published writer:

Yoga Therapy Today Magazine, Common Ground Magazine, My Yoga Online, Conscious Moms Online, Living the Truth and Yoga Finder. Books include Heart Cenetered Parenting & an as yet untitled Yoga book.

  • Member:

International Association of Yoga Therapists, National Association of Professional Women, Social Wahines Hawai’i,  Elite Properties Concierge Services, Ohana Beach Rentals Hawaii Partner

What now?

Follow your gut. Your wisdom lies within. I am here to help you access, trust and live it. It certainly doesn’t hurt to call for a free consultation. 978-771-4000. I look forward to sharing the joy of Yoga with you soon.

Aloha and Blessings,

Jennie Lee