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Tips for Maintaining a Successful Meditation Practice

  • Make meditation a habit like brushing your teeth. The things that are important for our wellbeing need to become daily commitments no matter what.
  • Create a dedicated space. Even a small space set up just for meditation will hold the energy of stillness and make it easier to drop into your practice.
  • Have a consistent time of day for your practice. Turn off the phone and set a timer for the amount of time you want to sit.
  • Make yourself comfortable. Take time to establish the right seat for your body so you can relax but maintain an erect spine.
  • Keep a structure to your practice. When you are ready to begin, inhale and tense your whole body. Then exhale, release and relax completely. Repeat 5 times.
  • Close your eyes and gently turn them upward internally to the third eye (point between the eyebrows).
  • Take ten slow breaths in this way: Inhale for count of 10, hold for count of 10, exhale for count of 10. Then let your breath return to normal.
  • For approximately 10 minutes breathe with a mantra. Silently in your mind with each inhale repeat the syllable AUM. Silently in your mind with each exhale repeat the same. If the mind drifts to other thoughts gently bring it back to the breath and the mantra.
  • When the timer sounds, take another moment to set an intention for a peace filled day. Say any prayers, affirmations or gratitudes.
  • Congratulate yourself on doing something wonderful for yourself and the world. Be patient with the process of meditation. And remember all effort is progress!