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Special Bonus Guides

Start a Spark Change Book Club

A ready made book club in your hands, Spark Change explores some of the most enduring questions of psychology, self-improvement, and the spiritual path.

Get some friends together and have fun with the 108 questions to deepen self-awareness and initiate powerful shifts in your life. The Book Club Guide offers tips and bonus questions that make it easy.

Guide for Yoga Teachers & Students

Looking for new inspiration for your yoga classes or personal practice? Spark Change was written by a longtime yoga therapist/teacher, Jennie Lee, who has been challenging students with directed self- inquiry for over two decades.

The Yoga Teacher Guide will show you how to utilize Spark Change to bring important reflective themes and inspirational content to your classes or private sessions.

Jennie Lee - Headshot

About Jennie


Award-winning Author • Yoga Therapist • Spiritual Coach


For the last two decades, Jennie has counseled people seeking greater self-understanding as they navigate experiences such as depression, grief, and stress―now, she brings her practice home to readers everywhere. Her questions promote profound thought, connection, and authenticity. By working through them, you will deepen your soul connection, strengthen your psychological resilience, and expand your spiritual consciousness. Greater inner peace and joy are sure results.

Spark Change:
108 Provocative Questions for Spiritual Evolution