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For the professional writer who could benefit from personal as well as content coaching, organizational assistance, sharp editing, or an extra set of understanding eyes and ears to bring a vision to life. Our sessions will combine material review with counsel on the internal experience of writing, addressing what you hope to accomplish, and what may be holding you back. My job is to keep you inspired, on track, and brilliantly creative.

10 sessions – $950



For the individual seeking self-understanding and greater clarity. Coaching happens as an interactive written exchange, where you are offered questions and prompts to facilitate self-inquiry. Writing is not edited or critiqued, simply used as a portal to deeper levels of reflection and release, helping you understand your inner landscape and define personal goals and purpose. Consider this a guided written journey to your true self.

6 sessions – $575

working together


Not sure this type of coaching is for you? Try it out and see if you don’t feel more creative, more tuned in. You will be encouraged toward the expression of joy and purpose, through guided journaling  and the articulation of your personal vision. See what arises when you let thought move onto paper and allow yourself to be supported in the process.

Single session – $100

mexican retreat

In Depth

Take yourself and your writing to the next level on the Joyful Soul Retreat in Mexico March 9-16, 2019. Daily writing workshops, meditation, yoga, horseback riding, and personal time with your writing coach! This is immersion time for your creative self. Participants get $100 off any Spirit Writing package.

Editing Services also available

Over the past 30 years, Jennie has written three books, hundreds of non-fiction articles, numerous screenplays, personal essays, profiles, poetry, greeting cards, white papers, and more. She has edited work for other authors, bloggers, and corporations; and led workshops internationally on writing, meditation and self-awareness. Whether writing, editing, or coaching, she offers a wealth of knowledge and understanding and the flexibility of counsel in your own time and space.