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This is spiritual self-care…


  • Release emotional resistance and exhaustion.
  • Develop your intuition and access soul wisdom.
  • Establish courage to make self-affirming choices even in challenging situations.
  • Feel spiritually aligned and connected to the creative flow state.
  • Understand dharma and how to embody your soul’s purpose.
  • Deepen your resilience and spiritual endurance.
  • Develop a trusted relationship with Spirit.
  • Feel supported by unconditional, Divine Love.

 Join me for this monthly inspiration and small group connection!

Spirit Session Details

Date: Next session will be first Thursday of the month May-July (July will be second Thur July 11 because of the holiday on the first Thurs)

Number of months: 3

Time: 1st Thurs of the month 6- 7 pm EST

What: Each group coaching session will include guided meditations, teaching on the week’s topic, reflective exercises, group discussion, time for individual questions and coaching, and homework for the month.

How to attend: Live Zoom video call (plus access to the session recording)

Cost: $195 for 3 months

Once payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link. If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder and add my email to your contacts.

Interested in private sessions? 

After sign up, a bonus offer will be sent for a discount on private sessions w/ Jennie

“Jennie gently guided and encouraged our group through questioning and grounding practices to see our authentic self in relation to the unique spiritual practice that each of us was engaged in and connected with.

This foundational work helped me to have a new felt experience of emotion, to allow emotion to flow, and help guide my life rather than restrict it. In the sessions with Jennie, I was able to expand this new awareness into a true practice of recognizing habitual responses and behavior patterns related to strong emotions that were harming my relationships with self and others.

As a result, I have had several beautiful experiences of breaking down walls around my heart to experience vulnerability. Though this was scary and truly out of my comfort zone, with Jennie’s warm and supportive encouragement, I was able to make changes that have helped me heal old sorrows and see lovely changes in my self and the relationships that mean the most to me.

I feel lighter, stronger and more capable of moving into the future with a smile on my lips and love in my heart.” – Lisa F.

Each session will include guided meditations, teaching on the week’s topic, reflective exercises, group discussion, time for individual questions and coaching, and homework for the month ahead.

Topics we will cover:

  • Get unstuck emotionally and access greater creative flow.
  • Live a practical spirituality in everyday life.
  • Learn what spiritual alignment feels like and how to access greater cosmic energy.
  • Develop stronger intuition to access your highest wisdom and guidance.
  • Develop a trusted relationship with the Divine.
  • Understand your dharma and how to embody your soul’s purpose.
  • Get comfortable with change and learn to make courageous decisions even in challenging situations.
  • Learn to develop spiritual courage, resilience, and endurance.
  • Understand how to navigate a ‘dark night of the soul.’
  • Open to more unconditional, Divine Love.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver



Learn from a long-time teacher who walks her talk on the path of spiritual evolution and will inspire you to do the same.



You are not alone! This collective encourages each other in challenges and celebrates in moments of joy.



Get personal guidance in your spiritual practice and tools to overcome any obstacles standing in the way of your joy.

How to Sign Up

  1. Make payment
  2. Jennie will email Zoom link via contact info listed via PayPal
  3. If you have not heard from Jennie, please contact her as soon as possible.
Spirit Sessions - 3 months

Still have questions?  Contact Jennie


I can’t make the live call. Can I access a recording later?

Yes! I’ll send out a link to the recording within 24 hours.

I don’t have a computer. Can I call in on a phone?

Yes! I’ll provide details for you to join via computer, smart phone or tablet, as well as providing a phone number for you to join the talk.

Is this material based on any particular faith/ religion?

All belief systems, religions and expressions of spirituality are honored. No ‘woo-woo’ concepts and no dogma – just pragmatic approaches to deepening individual awareness and strength.

Can I ask Jennie questions?

Absolutely! I’ll present the topic and then open it up for discussions and questions. The group will be kept small enough that everyone will get time to talk if they want to.

About Your Coach

Jennie Lee is an award-winning author of three books: Spark Change: 108 Provocative Questions for Spiritual Evolution; True Yoga: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness & Spiritual Fulfillment and Breathing Love: Meditation in Action.


She has coached private clients for over 20 years and focuses on helping people come into a deeper embodiment of their spiritual Self. Drawing on her background in Spiritual Psychology and Yoga Therapy, Jennie is known for her ability to explain deep concepts with simplicity and pragmatic approaches for her clients to experience  peace and joy in daily life.


Learn more about Jennie here

Are you looking for…

Courage to navigate change?

Ways to be more peaceful and less reactive?

A greater sense of spiritual wellbeing?

Clear purpose and direction?

Support with your on-going spiritual growth?

“A humble and highly approachable spiritual coach, therapist, and author. Jennie Lee is a remarkable and gifted individual living her soul’s purpose helping others. Undoubtedly, Jennie is a 21st century leading authority on yoga philosophy, translating and teaching in a practical, understandable, and applicable manner.  I have grown spiritually through her group “Spirit Sessions” and from all three of her books – invaluable resources that I refer back to on a daily basis and gift to others. I highly recommend Jennie Lee’s services and books.”

~ Carrie Trip

“For quite some time, I’ve been feeling so alone. Your teachings helped me out of that. Now I feel a sense of calm and peace and connection to something greater than myself. I’m so incredibly grateful.”

~ L.B.

“In just 4 weeks, I have grown by “leaps and bounds.” Jennie doesn’t try to produce the answers for you, she helps you be empowered so you can either answer your own difficult questions, or wait for the answer to come.”

~ L.C.

“Jennie will help you connect to what is truly important to your TRUE self, your inner voice. The only way to live a fulfilling, joyful life is to listen to that voice, and Jennie will help you hear it. Take any opportunity you can to learn from her.

~ M. C.