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“Acknowledging abundance (Aparigraha) we recognize the blessings in everything and gain insights into the purpose for our worldly existence.” (Yoga Sutra II.39)

Ipswich Yoga Retreat

Summer on the marshes of  New England exploring the theme of Gratitude with a love filled group challenged by personal loss and difficulties. This short retreat was defined by participants’ authentic sharing and strong devotional practice. A joy to facilitate yoginis who take the practice of Aparigraha to new levels and to experience ways of “finding the blessings in everything.”




“I want to thank you agaiIpswich Yoga Retreatn for an amazing retreat!! It was in your studio that I truly began to understand the meaning of yoga and spirit. Thank you for showing me the path–now MY work is to follow it! You have a very special gift and I feel so very blessed to know you.”





“I was reminded of how important my practice is to me and all those around me.  My being able to forgive seems to have taken a new “feel” and for this I am grateful!”

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Jennie Lee yoga retreats

“A special thanks to Jennie for sharing her love and gratitude with us.  I’ll always remember, “the love you withhold is the pain you carry,” not to mention that meditation is the way.”





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“Loved the environment – casual and homey; the first night dinner together – great way to break the ice; the weaving of teaching – discussions, chanting, meditation, quiet time with the yoga practices; the food selections – light and healthy; the size of the group – intimate and comfortable. I will carry forward a daily gratitude practice whether it is woven into meditation, writings, or mantras…the focus on consistently looking at people and situations with thankfulness and joy.”

Jennie Lee yoga therapist


Jennie Lee was blessed to return to her beloved community of students in Massachusetts where she owned the Stillness in Motion Yoga & Wellness Studio for 8 years. Passionate about  helping individuals connect to their Divine Self, beyond the human story and present experience, the Gratitude Retreat brought new ways of appreciating the opportunity in every challenge. She is abundantly grateful to all who participated!  Read more about Jennie or see What Past Retreat Participants Have to Say.