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About the Mexico Retreat

Yoga Retreat Mexico

A group of 15 visionaries gathered at the Yoga of Imagination Retreat in Troncones, Mexico to dream new possibilities for their lives and for the collective good of the world at this time.

Together we explored  how to open to our full potential; the process of actively using imagination for the conscious creation of our visions and dreams; the saboteurs that inevitably arise as we do, and how to work with them.

We practiced the 8 limbs of the yogic path and various other tools to expand our minds, beyond that which has already been proven and explored, into the unknown, untapped realms where  new life exists. A community of travelers formed, supporting and loving each other and by the last day a web of connection had been woven that will continue to support the dreams of all who participated for years to come.

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What Participants Had to Say

Mexico Yoga Retreat

All the wise ones, ancient and modern are saying that the time is upon us for great change. We are being called to rise beyond that which we were given, to create that which we most want; for ourselves, for our children and for the world.

It is time for us to envision…more hope, more love, more peace and more joy. We have the tools to make this vision reality. The tools are centuries old, time tested and powerful. The tools are the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Put in service to our souls, these tools can transform our lives. This group began the process.

Kristin at Mexico Yoga Retreat
“As a result of the retreat, my meditation practice has been strengthened; I have at my disposal a more pro-active and energetic aspect to my meditation practice that was previously not there. Also as a result of the retreat, my knowledge of all of the eight limbs of yoga has deepened; I can see more readily my life through their prism and this has made me a more peaceful and content person.”  ~ Kristin G. 
“As usual, the retreat exceeded my expectations in terms of the entire gestalt of the experience. It was epic, poetic, buoyant, spiritually enlightening, and transformative. All your preparation, planning and curriculum articulation paid off!  This was a huge, complex and time consuming undertaking, and you proceeded to do it masterfully. Personally, the retreat exceeded my expectations in regards to my own clarity and vision. I was in awe of your focus, energy level, belief and dedication to us, as you trusted the universe to bring us where we needed to go.  The group solidified immediately providing support, unity, solidarity, and collegiality so important to the experience. Kudos to you for an amazing retreat – every participant benefited in profound ways evolving in life affirming recognition and a genuine sense of spiritual and deep aliveness!   Your courage and perseverance are admirable.  We will all reap the benefits for decades to come!  I am most grateful for your skill and compassion is reaching out to every person and gently, but firmly edging them forward to their potential believing in their capabilities and gifts.  Thank you for the rapture! ”   ~ Carolyn D.


Mexico Yoga Retreat
“What I learned on this retreat was how to love myself. I never could have said that before because it just felt selfish to utter those words, as by saying them out loud and writing them makes me feel healthy. That is quite a shift in my consciousness. I look forward to more workshops with you, and sharing the good news to all my clients about the work you teach. Coming home would be the feeling for me. Coming home to my Spirit, the Spirit that brought me here 52 years ago. Thank you for helping me to find my way home.” ~ Marty T.
Sunset at Mexico Yoga Retreat
Dream big, broad colorful dreams about what can be. The world depends on it; on you, and on me. There is no time other than NOW– to step all the way in. Heal, forgive, accept, clear, expand and enjoy. The possibilities are infinite. Our lives change when we change how we live. When we step away from the busyness of life and submerge ourselves in stillness, Divine guidance and intuition appears. It is time to claim your Joy, ignite your passions and envision what calls you into full aliveness.


“This retreat exceeded my expectations in many ways. First, I can’t ever remember having so much fun! This was, partially the payoff for all the personal work I have done over the years, but the perfect setting and Jennie Lee’s masterful guidance and pure love, set the stage for an incredible week. My heart was open in the safe environment in which Jennie created, and I was able to set new goals while appreciating and honoring my personal journey and myself. I feel more accepting of myself, more trusting of my inner thoughts and decisions, more empowered, feel excited about the future, have new tools for goal setting and manifesting.”   ~ Janice L.
“The written curriculum provided a vast amount of information, making more sense every day…predictability of format for each day helped with absorbing and digesting information…loved having a theme each day with mudras, pranayamas, yoga correlating. You addressing various developmental levels of all of us were amazing.   When learning new information for the first time, you checking in with individuals during the session was really helpful. So Jennie…my “Divine Teacher, Beloved Friend…I bow to you, again and again”   ~ Marie Z.
“I was profoundly touched and enriched by my experience at the Imagination Retreat in Mexico. I felt as if the hand of God reached out to all of us with extraordinary depth, grace and tenderness. Our hearts and our souls were held with extreme kindness and care, where deep healing and transformation took place changing our DNA forever. From this point, we were wholeheartedly able to fully consider in an intensely thoughtful way, what we can rightly and wisely do to forward this most precious Universe.”   ~  Pat S.