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IMG_1763Wellness is a way of life created to achieve your highest potential.


The  SEQUOIA RETREAT CENTER, nestled amid majestic coastal redwoods, provided the perfect place to reflect upon the current state of our wellbeing…to take a time-out from the treadmill of life to assess what would bring us into more balance and harmony and to recharge our health and vitality.

In the majesty of the Redwood groves,  restorative Yoga movement, meditation, relaxation. and Yoga Therapy practices relieved tension and enhanced clarity and concentration. In an atmosphere of acceptance and freedom, Self-reflective writing prompts  helped us access inner truth which leads to wellbeing.

By opening dialog between the mind, intuitive wisdom and Divine guidance through writing exercises and personal reflection, we found our way to a glorious life vision. Blessed with delectable organic foods, we focused on  intentional eating for the revitalization of the body,  learning to recognize the level of life force in food which maximizes health and energy, experiencing meals as active meditations and ways to truly nourish wellbeing. We left with the sacred Sequoia land with new perspective, resolve and practical strategies for maintaining vitality and restoring optimal health.

“The inward focus on very simple questions on how we choose to live our lives, gave me the space to identify how I want to direct my energy and life focus.  I found the location to be very cocoon- like, a safe place to be with nature and myself. I found tools to help respond to the everyday trials and tribulations.“   ~ Susan Z.


“Every element of the retreat contributed a surprising amount of realizations and insights. The gentle facilitation of Jennie combined with kind participants, deliciously healthy food, and the serene surroundings of the Sequoias helped me reflect on a deeper level. My mind, body, and spirit were truly nourished.”   ~ Kamille M.


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