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Gwen Dumont, Writer

Yoga backbend

“I had such an amazing week and truly, truly want to thank you for how much care, organization, thoughtfulness, love, and dedication you put into each and every aspect of the retreat.  It was incredibly cohesive and holistic. The days matched the chakra we were working on and I felt a direct energy connection to the people and environment around me. I also felt so safe, so supported, and totally loved. I let myself go freely and it was magical.  I also felt incredibly healthy every moment I was there, on every level. It was a nourishing experience and I am more aware of how to treat my body to feel as much joy as possible. It really was beyond my every expectation and I am so honored that I was a part of our group.” Eight Limbs of Yoga Retreat, Yoga of Imagination Retreat

Carolyn Davis, Educator

Yoga retreat client
“The structure of your curriculum, instructional presentation and giving style allowed each person to reap the benefits of the practice.  I was amazed at how tuned in you were to the group, allowing for silence, fostering open communication and feedback, challenging us when it was needed, and then following through with each of us.  You created a safe, trusting, secure culture in record time.  We immediately let down our guard, giving and receiving, opening our hearts and minds to the new experience – radiantly phosphorescent and luminous! I was amazed at the deepened level of the practice feeling as if it moved to the bone marrow and then into to the soul. The retreat far exceeded my expectations and intentions allowing release, stillness and deeper understanding of the practice. This experience was a transformative treasure I will savor for the rest of my life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Eight Limbs of Yoga Retreat, Yoga of Imagination Retreat,   Conscious Trust Retreat, Yoga of Love & Devotion Retreat, Insight Into Action Retreat, Gratitude Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Y. Allard, Executive Director Non Profit

Yvonne Allard, Jennie Lee Yoga Therapy retreat participant
“I think you did an amazing job putting the curriculum together for the week.  It was interactive and experiential. There was a powerful sense of community and bonding among the participants. It was great that you made yourself so fully available to everyone for individual sessions. Going into the retreat I aspired to live more in my body and less in my head  – and to try to be more attuned to my heart and tspirit. Through a combination of all of the things described above I was able to do that. I’ve had the experience of feeling truly grounded and of feeling energy move into and through my body.  I’ve taken steps bringing me closer to a life of balance and joy. It’s a journey but I came away with a sense of forward momentum. I have never cried so much in my life, but it all felt good – like a release. I need to keep moving forward – I want to experience the “so much more” I keep hearing about!”    Eight Limbs of Yoga Retreat, Yoga of Imagination Retreat, Insight Into Action Retreat,  Gratitude Yoga & Meditation Retreat

 Sally M., Psychologist

Sally M, Jennie Lee Yoga Therapy retreat participant
“The yoga within the retreat was personally challenging for me as a novice who had not attended even a single yoga class before.  I felt encouraged, supported, and invited to participate at my own comfort level, while understanding that in pushing myself to the edge, breathing through the sabotaging thoughts, and staying, I was able to improve my yoga skills during the course of a week. It was a wonderful lesson on many levels, a lesson I take home with me and apply to life. I’m proud to have participated in the retreat yoga as fully as I did.  My memories  are vivid still, and its impact on my life is palpable. The connections made among other participants was delightful and heartwarming. The beauty of Mexico is breathtaking. The kayaking, body surfing, bird watching, dancing, chanting, drumming, sleeping to the sound of the surf, deep tissue massages, sunrises and sunsets, and glimpses into the Mexican culture all continue to hold a wondrous place in my heart.”    Eight Limbs of Yoga Retreat, Yoga of Imagination Retreat, Insight Into Action Retreat

 Janice Judd

yoga retreat client
“Your guidance with different breathing techniques helped me to expand my own experience deeply while I was there and now that I am home.  For this I am so grateful.  The one on one exercise’s we did were beautifully prepared and executed.  I found them to be quite meaningful in helping the group to establish trust with one another.  My experiences on heart chakra day were profound as I could see how open my heart is at this time in my life and that I was able to be there for others who were not so comfortable.  I had a perfect time.  I loved the retreat and I am grateful to have been a part of it.  Thank you, thank you.”    Eight Limbs of Yoga Retreat, Yoga of Imagination Retreat, Insight Into Action Retreat