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“If you are serious about the process of self-discovery and awareness – I know of no one I would recommend more highly.”

– Art Dwight, President, One Decision, LLC

Jennie Lee is a Spiritual Coach & Certified Yoga Therapist

(C-IAYT) with over 20 years experience.

Spiritual Coaching & Yoga Therapy

Pragmatic counsel to help you clear what needs clearing, connect to your spirit, and chart a path forward to greater peace and joy. Available via video or phone.

Stressed and overwhelmed with life?

Learn how to rest, trust, and clarify what matters most.

Feel anxious or afraid of the future?

I can help you deepen your connection to Source and rebuild your faith.

Grieving a loss?

Process your feelings with a compassionate guide.

Lost track of your purpose?

Let’s explore what your dharma is.

Out of sync with your truth?

I’ll help you get back on track with some targeted self-inquiry.

Negativity got you down?

Learn how to reframe your experience and find new joy.

Seeking love?

I’ll show you how to access an unlimited abundance.

Feel like you can never do enough?

Let’s make space to be, and to breathe.

In transition with relationship, career or home?

Learn how to sharpen your intuition and make self-honoring choices.

My coaching focuses on spiritual guidance and yoga therapy practices to embody highest wellbeing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

 I don’t give you answers. I help you find your answers within.

  1. First, we talk about what you are struggling with or wanting to achieve.
  2. Next, we identify the current obstacles standing in your way and their root cause or limiting belief.
  3. Then, we re-orient toward a more spiritual perspective and discuss practices to help you get clearer internally. These might include deep relaxation, yoga movement, breathwork, meditation, thought management, and other spiritual practice.
  4. Finally, you leave with a plan of how to move forward in meaningful ways.
  5. Email support between sessions is available if needed.

More inner peace

Less stress & anxiety

Greater connection to your innate spirituality

More self-awareness & joy

Less negativity & limitation

Less tension

Less fear & reactivity

Calmer nerves & increased immune functioning

Greater energy

Less restlessness

More clarity and inspiration

Do I need to be flexible?

You do not need to be flexible, or currently practice yoga or meditation.

Can I practice Yoga Therapy along with other forms of therapy/treatment?

You can do Yoga Therapy as a compliment to all other forms of therapy and medical treatment.

Is Yoga a religion?

Yoga is not a religion. It is a science of living that honors the inherent spirituality in all beings. People of all faiths practice it.

How often should I have Yoga Therapy sessions?

You can do sessions as often or as infrequently as you choose.

Who practices Yoga Therapy?

All types of people come to Yoga Therapy. I work with CEOs, celebrities, doctors, educators, psychologists, housewives, teens and more.

The Investment

Sessions can be done via Zoom or phone.

  • Initial Session

  • 6 session package (3 month expiration)

  • 10 session package (6 month expiration)


Ready to invest in your wellbeing? 

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Sessions can be done via Zoom or phone.

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