yoga FAQs

Do I have to practice Yoga now, or be flexible, to do Yoga Therapy?

Why do Yoga Therapy?
Absolutely not. There are both outer and inner practices of yoga, so clients might be in optimal physical condition, challenged by health concerns or terminally ill.  The practices of Yoga meet us where we are today. For some this is through movement, for others it is through more internal inquiry and meditation.

I currently see a therapist ( or I have done therapy in the past) - what is the difference?

Yoga and Flexibility

Yoga Therapy is a holistic treatment program that compliments all other forms of therapy and medical intervention, recognizing that in order to feel healed or whole we have to address challenges on the physical, emotional, mental AND spiritual levels, Jennie brings a background in Spiritual Psychology combined with Yoga Philosophy to address suffering. Practices offered will relieve physical, mental, and energetic blocks, all the while helping to cultivate a deeper connection to one’s spiritual nature and most authentic self.

How long does Yoga Therapy take?

For some people, one session brings renewal, for others it is a joyful, ongoing process.

Is Yoga a Religion?

Is yoga a religion?

Most definitely NOT! Yogic philosophy recognizes the underlying truth within all religions and faiths, because it recognizes One Source of all creation. Yoga is a systematic science of JOY – provable by anyone who undertakes it with commitment. As the first Yoga Sutra states, Yoga is the way to “neutralize the alternating waves of consciousness” – which means stilling the mind so we can remember who we truly are and what is the purpose of life. Yoga is union – the re-uniting of our individual consciousness with the Divine Consciousness from which we were created. Truth is truth and we must realize it – from within.

Over the years I have studied the sacred texts from many faiths and philosophies including:  the Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita, Tao Te Ching, Shamanism, Christian mysticism and the traditional Bible. But it was through the dedicated practice of yoga meditation, that I experienced BEING love and BEING peace and realized that I am not separate from anyone else or from Source. My clients practice many different faiths, including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Agnosticism and even Atheism.

What can I expect from a Yoga Therapy / Yoga Coaching session?

Therapeutic Yoga

First I listen to what you are struggling with or hoping to improve. Then I listen to my own intuition and experience to introduce a course of action – mind and body practices to help you feel relief, healing and freedom. Because the body is a storage depot for all the things we have experienced over the course of our lives, we might start with simple Yoga movements and intentional breathing exercises to invite opening on the physical level. When the body’s natural wisdom is accessed, emotional release can occur and healing begins at a deeper level than the rational, linear mind is able to reach. Challenges become opportunities to remember our true Self and reclaim our physical vibrancy and health. Underlying all processes is the recognition that each unique soul has something to magnificent to express, and Yoga Therapy can assist in liberating it to do so.

Still have more questions about Yoga Therapy?

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