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What Happens in a Yoga Therapy Session?

Yoga Therapy by Jennie Lee
  • You share your current goals & challenges – physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual
  • We create a personalized practice including yoga movement, breathing techniques, mindfulness based stress reduction, meditation instruction and relaxation strategies
  • Sessions might additionally include assisted stretching, Reiki energy balancing and intuitive life coaching
  • We conclude with an outline of things to practice at home if desired and you leave inspired & rejuvenated

What You Can Expect if We Work Together?

Working with Jennie Lee

  • Feel less stress and more joy
  • Increase strength, flexibility, energy and endurance
  • Rehabilitate injuries and chronic tension
  • Learn to be mindful about what creates obstacles for you and why
  • Change unproductive habits & thoughts
  • Feel inspired, purposeful and powerful
  • Find laughter even in times of challenge

Why Should You Work With Me Instead of Someone Else?

Hiking Oahu with Jennie Lee
  • I will not waste your time or mine. I quickly identify the best direction to move you forward.
  • I am direct, honest life coach and will challenge you to your edge
  • I give authentic feedback, consistent service, availability, and responsiveness to your needs
  • I offer a clear combination of psychological and spiritual perspectives
  • I will support you and validate your experiences
  • I know how to laugh at life’s craziness


What Type of Clients Do I Work With?

Yoga outside

Current Clients Include:

CEOs, CFOs, Celebrities, Doctors, Lawyers, Psychologists, Financial Analysts, Bank Officers, Actors, Marine, Coast Guard & Army Officers, Entrepreneurs, International Sales, HR & Marketing Directors, Architects, Administrators, Educators, Writers, Children, Veterans and more…

Past Celebrity Yoga Clients Include:
Rachel McAdams, Emily Blunt, Gloria Cooper, Dr. Keith Ablow & Dyan De Napoli

Anyone who is ready for conscious, positive change! You have the time and money to commit to yourself and you value the dedicated, challenging, humorous, intuitive and competent guidance I offer.

Here is an example of a recent client… An executive at her company, she called one day filled with anxiety and so stressed that she was about to take a leave of absence from her corporate job. In her late 40’s, with a marriage on the rocks, intelligent, well spoken, professional, needing help quick and wanting long term change, she was ready to dig in. We chatted briefly and I asked her to do a breathing exercise with me. Soon she was able to complete her day peacefully. She has been a client ever since and together we have worked through that leave of absence, family illnesses and death, divorce, new dating and so much more. She is brilliant in her self reflection and her commitment to being her happiest most radiant self.  I have been honored to be her coach.

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How Do You Start?

Call now for a FREE consultation 978-771-4000.  I coach via Skype, phone or in person Monday through Saturday. Read Testimonials from Yoga Therapy clients and I hope to share this incredible journey with you!

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