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Dyan DeNapoli, Best Selling Author, The Great Penguin Rescue

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“Jennie truly has a gift for seeing the essence of the person she is working with and for bringing forth their core issue for examination and healing. It makes me wish that everyone had someone like her in their life to help guide them.”[/three_fourth_last]

Jeff W., Surgeon

[one_fourth][/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“Jennie has been a remarkable source of inspiration and strength to me.  I have experienced anxiety and anger in the past, but knew there was something better for me. I didn’t know exactly what to expect when we first spoke, but I was immediately at ease with her and discovered that she was very kind, insightful, and intelligent. I feel that she listens well and is very intuitive, which has helped relieve my anxiety through yoga and meditation as well as through her insight, caring, and love. I highly and sincerely recommend Jennie to anyone who is looking to find connection within themselves toward their betterment.”[/three_fourth_last]

Nancy J., Human Resources Director

[one_fourth][/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“I have worked very closely with Jennie Lee for over ten years. She is an extraordinary human being who has guided and coached me in digging into the obstacles, as well as celebrating the successes, with my regular yoga and meditation practices. Her supportive style has been a godsend for me. Jennie’s patience, encouragement and ability to demonstrate the practical application of yoga sutras and principles have helped me to deepen my practice to reach levels of understanding I’d not be capable or ready to reach on my own. She is truly a gifted teacher – a gem!“[/three_fourth_last]

Michal C., Psychotherapist

[one_fourth][/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“I highly recommend working with Jennie. She offered me a variety of techniques to assist me with the issues I was addressing. Each session was diverse and helped me build a set of skills that I still use to this day. Her nonjudgmental presence created a safe space. I love the integration of yoga with counseling, as it gets beyond talk therapy and provides a mind-body connection that is often lacking in traditional therapy.”[/three_fourth_last]

Emily Blunt, Actress, Edge of Tomorrow  and Into the Woods

[one_fourth]IMG_1493[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]”I’ve LOVED getting back into my yoga practice with Jennie. She’s a beautiful and versatile teacher who challenged me to the perfect degree.”[/three_fourth_last]

Kathleen Batcheller, Creative Director, Minty Fresh Marketing

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“Working in the business world has always been distressing to me. I felt like a fish out of water. I thought that I had to wear a mask and “act” a certain way in order to be professional. This duality was painful for me, and it created a lot of tension in my business relationships. Working with Jennie has enabled me to step into a place of authenticity. I now feel far more relaxed, confident, powerful, compassionate, and strangely enough–more professional! Most importantly, I am the happiest I’ve been in my whole life. Jennie’s depth of experience, knowledge, wisdom and compassion create a sacred space where you can truly transform your life.”[/three_fourth_last]

 Susan Given, Retired

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“I have been taking personalized Yoga Therapy for the past two years. Jennie is an amazing teacher in every respect. She has the ability to understand my problems instantly. She also recognizes the limitations of my body and gears her instruction so that I am able to stretch and strengthen my muscles without pain the next day. She has increased my self esteem and made me aware of the importance of living in the moment. She is a compassionate individual who, having had some rough times in her life, is able to deeply sympathize with the struggles we all face living in a increasingly lonely society.”[/three_fourth_last]

 Paulette Theriault, Pianist

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“My experience with Yoga Therapy has been more than I ever expected. Jennie has brought me through Yoga in ways I never thought existed. I know now that there is some way to be healed that is gentle and very personal from a person I trust. With Jennie, I have learned so many things that are uplifting and spiritual, and she has a way of communicating that in a way that I can understand. I truly feel Jennie is a gifted, loving person and I am lucky to have found her.”[/three_fourth_last]

Ron April, Realtor

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“Yoga Therapy is relaxing, motivating, challenging. I lose all awareness of where I am and how much time has gone by. My muscles and joints feel thoroughly extended and rejuvenated. My mind totally at peace. I use it in coordination with a good muscle training program. When I am in crisis at work, and that seems to be too often, I dig into my breathing and stretching to get my life back. I would tell someone who has never heard of this work to keep your mind and body open for an enlightening experience. Most of all, be prepared for the paradigm shift on what you thought Yoga actually was.”[/three_fourth_last]

 G.Dumont, Writer

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“I enjoy how Yoga Therapy combines traditional therapy with other dynamic practices. There is time for the talk, but then there is also time to incorporate the talk through meditation, breathing, postures, body work etc. Yoga therapy helps me internalize more easily. The greatest benefit for me has been learning how to be less judgmental, or at least try to be less so, and to recognize that there is always balance, even when it isn’t readily apparent. I am more thoughtful now and lead a much more examined life. Sometimes it’s exhausting, but I know it’s richer. I think Jennie does a wonderful, compassionate job and I feel like she is genuinely invested in her work. It’s clear that she holds us dearly and I really appreciate that so much.”[/three_fourth_last]

Paul Winters, Reiki Master

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“Through movement and meditation Jennie Lee has taught me to trust what my body is saying. She has given me the tools to uncover my spirit and find the person I was born to be. I always feel lighter yet more grounded when I leave her studio.”[/three_fourth_last]

Carla Santoro, Educator

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“I sought out Yoga Therapy while in the midst of making a big life decision. I didn’t know what to expect but felt immediately comfortable in Jennie’s presence. The session began by a conversation, then Jennie offering some personal insight and advice, followed by some things I wanted to work on in my personal yoga practice, and lastly, opening up my chakras. I left feeling so light and relaxed. I feel that I’ve learned how to be mindful of transitions through my yoga practice, focusing on the process rather than the product. Also, I took away a valuable insight, to remember to meditate and feel my feelings, not so much think all the time. Jennie is fabulous. I hope people will be open to this type of therapy…it was very refreshing and a truly positive experience.”[/three_fourth_last]

Y. Allard, Executive Director Non-Profit

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“I feel like I’ve gone through a lot of change in a very short period of time. I am becoming reacquainted with myself and with joy and I have Jennie to thank.”[/three_fourth_last]

Sally M., Psychologist

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“I began Yoga Therapy so that I could create a more meaningful yoga practice at home. However, it was soon evident that I had arrived at the yoga studio for much larger reasons. The integration of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual realms within yoga therapy has far exceeded any expectation that I had going into the work. I am breathing more fully and deeply. I am working on opening up constricted parts of my Self. I am exploring old issues and discovering new insights. I have been able to move some of my grief through my body and take risks around expressing it. I am honoring and celebrating my physical self more than ever before. Yoga Therapy has also helped me to become more gentle with myself. This is truly a blend of yoga and therapy that allows us to deeply understand how our minds, our bodies, our emotions, and our spirit are ultimately connected within ourselves and to each other. This work has been so highly personalized, without losing the understanding that what we all grapple with as individuals, is truly universal.”[/three_fourth_last]

Katie Bouton, President Koya Consulting 

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“Jennie is very candid. She does not pretend that yoga, or anything for that matter, is easy–or all about love and light and zen. She admits that things are rough sometimes and that yoga is a way to work with that rough stuff.”[/three_fourth_last]

Julia Purinton, Artist

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“Thank you so much for the Yoga Therapy session this morning. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your insight and compassion, and of course the knowledge and wisdom that informs your teaching. One thing I’ve learned from my years w/ yoga is that we’re always starting over: each season, each day, each breath, and the basics are really the most profound lessons. It just takes a long time to learn them!”[/three_fourth_last]

Frances McLaughlin, President Education Pioneers

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“At the recommendation of a trainer, I got in touch with Jennie after the death of my father, when I was feeling very overwhelmed–with grief, and with all of the administrative ‘stuff’ that accompanied settling my father’s estate and providing support to my mother. That was about 1 1/2 years ago. I have gained perspective on the parts of my life that were feeling overwhelming, and understanding in how, the way I react to new potentially stressful situations is really more in my control than I realized. I understand better what kind of events, comments, people can be triggers for me and have learned not to be so reactive.I am developing compassion for, and learning to let go of judgements of, myself and others.I feel more relaxed. I can enjoy the happy moments with my family, myself and appreciate things more. I’m not as weighted down by whatever is stressful or uncertain and I feel more confident in my ability to *not* get so wrapped up in the next serious, stressful event. Try it without judgement. It can be what you want it to be–very talky, very calm, strengthening, nurturing. Jennie has been an incredible support and teacher for me. I am so grateful to have met her and had the opportunity to work with her.”[/three_fourth_last]

M. Sheehan, Financial Adviser

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“My participation in Yoga Therapy has helped me connect and better understand the interplay of the physical, the spiritual and the emotional. By being able to intellectually and emotionally connect to my physical being. I feel more acceptance of, but not being defeated by, events and believe in my core being – my understanding of and belief in these concepts has allowed me to approach life from a much healthier perspective. I view and deal with the exigencies of life differently. A belief in my core being has provided me with a freedom of self that I have rarely felt throughout my life ….Jennie you are a fabulous teacher and facilitator!”[/three_fourth_last]

Jon W., Restauranteur

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“My experience at Yoga Therapy has been a challenge to all my abilities. I have broken through layers of fear, and anxiety to reach physical and mental goals. I also feel safe and calm when I am at my YT session. It is a beautiful tranquil environment where I can be free of all my problems and let go. I feel a positive change in my awareness to my daily life. I freely step out of and observe the actions around me and make the choice to get involved or not.Yoga Therapy gives me a calm attitude toward problems and I react in a more level headed way. Because of the weekly YT session my desire to change and grow stays on the front burner. I have found how important it is to take this time for myself so that I can show up for life in a better frame of mind. YT is a valuable addition to the many things that I do to create a state of wellbeing and wholeness in my life. I have been seeking a better life for 25 years and tried many avenues. I can’t even express to you in words how you have touched me and guided me and gave me the desire to break my boundaries.”[/three_fourth_last]

C.M., Yoga Teacher

[one_fourth]Yoga Therapy[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]“Run, don’t walk to try Yoga Therapy with Jennie.”[/three_fourth_last]