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Yoga of Conscious Trust – Hawaii 2011

2011 Yoga of Conscious Trust Retreat

Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu, Hawaii

Developing conscious trust through the yogic practice of Swadhyaya (sacred study of the Divine through scripture, nature, and introspection) was the focus of this retreat.

In the glorious beauty of Oahu’s North Shore, we shared daily meditation and asana, and explored the levels of trust, how our samskaras affect our ability to trust, how to open more intuitive trust, and what the meaning of truly Conscious Self trust is.

Between sessions, we enjoyed the abundant beauty of Hawaii, snorkeling, hikes, horseback riding, hula dancing, massages, and joyous dinners filled with sharing and a final swim under the full moon.

“This retreat FAR exceeded my expectations!!! Jennie, you planned and executed and extremely well-balanced curriculum. It was obvious that you extensively prepared well-organized coursework; however, when necessary, you completely adapted and tailored it on a day-to-day basis, even moment-to-moment, based on each and every one of the participants needs and questions, group dynamics, in a Spirit-led way. I saw loving dedication to your students as, after every session, you prepared for the next, being mindful of the specific needs of this group. You are living your true Divine gift of teaching! I have a much more solid sense that we are more than just a physical presence on this earth; that our Divine nature is our true nature, and we can reacquaint ourselves with that Divine part of ourselves every time we sit in yogic meditation. And with dedicated practice, I can experience that abundant Divine guidance I long for so often. The effects my frequent doubts and questions have on my life can be lessened, or even removed, with a dedicated meditation practice. I experienced that on the retreat and thanks to what I learned on the retreat, I have no doubt I can live it in my day-to-day life!! I’ve never been much of a schedule-follower, but the scheduled, consistent meditation times during the retreat were SUCH a blessing! Jennie, you provide for me a humble, peaceful, joyful and assured example of a Spirit-led life where ego is put aside to spread loving teachings of the yogic lifestyle. This retreat was “living” equanimity.  I love you dearly!”

~ Sue Bade

“I was mostly excited about the yoga and meditation aspects. However, I was surprised and delighted by the benefits I received from the Conscious Trust work we did. I have a new, regular meditation practice that helps me to hold the peacefulness that I felt while on the retreat. I have new friendships with amazing women who are truly caring, nurturing souls who want the best for everyone. I have found a way to enrich my spiritual side that I am excited to explore more in depth over time. I am profoundly and deeply happy and I look forward to my annual retreat with Jennie Lee, a shining light of transformation and peace.”

~ Amy Mercovich

“I was attracted to your retreat because of the theme, Conscious Trust. How could you influence me to want to trust and most of all, how to remain open and trusting?  I was skeptical.  I learned from the retreat that you need to trust yourself and love yourself first and I understood it in a way that it does not mean you are selfish. Since the retreat I have truly learned to love myself more, to take care of myself first.  I have committed to practicing yoga at least 4 times a week in a yoga studio where I feel more spiritual about the practice instead of just learning the poses.  The women that came together were a blessing. They each taught me something about looking within to trust and that we are the strength we need to be–and it isn’t about having the muscle.  I feel empowered to go on in life and I have the strength to be what I need to be.  I am deeply moved by this experience and I feel so honored to have been blessed with meeting you.  I will continue on my spiritual journey and cannot wait to see you at your next retreat.” ~ Donna F.

“The retreat exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I had some prior concerns about practicing meditation and yoga twice a day, but came to love and look forward to each morning and afternoon practice. The Conscious Trust course was also so much more than I had expected. I had some long-standing resistance to contemplating the Divine and lots of aversion to the religion-based concept of God. I appreciate your helping us identify and try to separate those old concepts and open to an awareness of Spirit, Self. Your use of new language helped me very much. I described my experience to a friend as having pushed a “reset button” for my life. In my head, I have known that my life is full and that I have everything I need.  Now, however, I am beginning to relax into a new level of trust and patience. The quiet time and contemplation that I have spent in the week since I’ve been home have allowed me to experience gratitude and ease. I am committed to concentrating on that mystery in my meditation and take it one moment at a time. Thank you for all the thought and care that you put into the details.”

~ Barbara Dowd

“I have really learned what a spiritual experience yoga can be and to physically express myself to God has been life changing. The retreat was awesome and changed me so much. Your wisdom and spirit really kept the energy in the right place.”

~ Ana Rogers

“The retreat exceeded my expectations regarding content, validation of practices, venue (!), presentation of curriculum, making new connections, camaraderie, location, other activities. I really liked the silent yoga on the last day and the silent walking to the point ending in meditation. I am meditating differently now,  invoking devotion and love in my being, meditating more frequently for shorter periods of time and more intensely disciplined, checking on daily conscious trust practices of introspection, nature, spiritual readings, trusting the silence and listening for response. Thank you for an outstanding retreat filled with light and love!”

~ Carolyn Davis

“Any doubts surrounding who I really am, are dispelled. I came to the retreat because I was attracted to the title of “Conscious Trust” together with a “knowing” that I had chosen a teacher with whom I could connect. I arrived with fears which have now dissolved into a new emotion of trust. I have already  learned to spot the demons as they try to permeate my being and absolutely refuse to let them in! Whatever challenges have faced me since the retreat and there have been many, I make a conscious effort not to react but to remain in a place of calmness until I find a solution, at that moment, to help me feel better. This way I know I will make the right decisions with a correct long term solution. I now have confidence in who I am and no longer seek approval from anyone. When others have issues, I realize they have nothing to do with me. This is very empowering. Jennie has a sincere and compassionate delivery of her own truth which is so reassuring. As I look through my notes, I have great appreciation for the value I personally received and the richness of the week which continues to unfold as I practice mindful awareness. Thank you, Jennie, for all your  hard work and valuable insights. Thank you again for all the unconditional love bestowed on us all.”

~ Lynne Oliver

“The initial fear I had of feeling isolated is something that has held me back for years from going on a yoga retreat. That fear certainly came up for me at the retreat, but I let go of it because you created a really safe place. I never dreamed that I would feel so much welcoming and love right from the start. The people I met and the bonds created certainly exceeded all expectations. In terms of the program itself–the teachings–I really liked how you presented the material and kept circling back to topics. I think you did a great job in answering questions and explaining things. Probably the most important thing I gained from this experience was actually feeling the connection to “all that is. I felt surrounded by love, and buoyed by support. The retreat was a manifestation of that connection to the divine that we long for. You, your teachings, and the others on the retreat, were the catalysts for this experience. I did not feel alone, and now, because of this experience, I KNOW that I am never alone. That is a huge blessing for me. Many thanks for an amazing experience.”

~ Kathleen Batcheller

“Thank you so much for everything. You made my first yoga retreat unforgettable. It was a fabulous experience for my body, mind and awareness. Such a joy! It was honor and blessing to meet you and have you as a coach. I am looking forward for more retreats in the future with love and trust in my heart.”

~ Biljana B.