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To get to know someone, I think a lot can be discerned by the types of questions she asks…herself and the world. To give you some insight on who I am, as a person and as a teacher, I’d like to share a few of my favorite questions…

How can I love more today? This is the question that sits first and foremost in my heart. It is what my latest book is all about and what I ask myself whenever I feel challenged by people or life. It is an unending journey of discovery!

Who am I? This one changes constantly, and yet it always stays the same. I believe it is a question that propels us through life and defines our purpose.  There are many layers to self-awareness, and we can always go a layer deeper. This is the journey of yoga meditation – coming home to True Self. On the outside, I play the roles of wife, mom, friend, writer, teacher, student, meditator, surfer, and hiker. On the inside, I am light, energy, laughter, love, joy, breath, space, spirit, an instrument, a part of God, stillness and so much more.

What gives life meaning?
Loving to our greatest capacity, serving what or who is in front of us, and continuously trying to evolve.

How can I help?
I got into the habit of asking my son this question when I realized that unsolicited advice rarely works. But if we show up to what life has for us today and we ask, ‘how can I help?’ it’s amazing what unfolds in terms of connection, and shared blessings.

What do I need to learn from this situation?
I ask this question whenever I feel frustrated, or stuck, and I often guide my clients in doing the same. When we become willing to see our challenges as blessings in disguise, a lot changes. Life never seems to be short on ‘opportunities’ for learning!

How do you experience the Divine?
I try to see God in everything and everyone, but He is most apparent to me these days in laughter, rainbows, Hawaiian waves, and kind words from strangers across the globe who write to tell me something from my books that inspired them.

What does my practice need to be today?
There was a time when my yoga practice was mostly physical, then mostly emotional, then mostly spiritual. Now it is a harmonious blend of these elements. Having a toned ‘yoga body’ is great, but I am far more concerned with the heart that beats within — mine and yours.

What inspires you?
To see kindness in action, to support someone in overcoming limiting beliefs or realizing their potential; these inspire me. I also beam when I see my son make brilliant realizations about life, and prioritize the important things, like integrity and hard work.

What makes you mad?
When people forget that we are all one big human family, in this crazy journey of life together, and they prioritize their egos and desires at the expense of others, this makes me angry and very, very sad. We are all imperfect and evolving and there is no judgment in that. But if there is one thing yoga philosophy makes clear, it is that we will only find freedom through unity, not separatism.

What do you know for sure?
Change is not easy for anyone, and we often resist it at all cost. But when we are really ready, it can happen in an instant, and we can be free. Oh… and I know for sure that Love is the essence of who we are.

What are you committed to?
My spiritual path, marriage, and parenting – which to me are all one in the same. They are the journey of awakening, the challenge of compassion, and the path of pure love – no matter what. Daily meditation keeps me anchored in this commitment.

If you could change the world what would you change? 
I would make everyone see that we are all the same inside. The Divine essence shines through every color, nationality, religion, and political party. If we could remember this, we would be at peace.

So that’s enough about me. I’d like to know who you are and how we can serve Love together today. I look forward to hearing from you!
Warm blessings,


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