getoveritGet Over It Podcast with Monique Chapman

Sharing strategies for maintaining our inner equilibrium and peace and how to choose a response from love, even in turbulent times. Also hope for those have been frustrated trying to meditate.


out of the fogOut of the Fog with Karen Hagar

Get out of your fear fog and into your love zone. Listen here.




Energy Awareness with T. Love

Filled with laughter, Jennie & T. Love talk about how simple it is to choose love and what a profound difference it makes to your happiness! Listen here.



Interview with Greg Voisen & Jennie Lee

Inside Personal Growth with Greg Voisen

In this interview, Greg Voisen and I talk about the wonderful effects of meditation and mindfulness, how these practices can help us heal emotional scars while bringing in more love for ourselves and others. Creating a practice of stillness allows us time to check in, get centered, self-reflect.  These moments help us manage stress, to listen to our inner needs and to respond with self-compassion.  We address questions l

ike: What beliefs about love do I hold that are not uplifting me?  Do I have judgments about love? And how we can overcome these to open to a new experience of more expansive love. Listen here


Light on Living with Lisa Berry

Talking with Lisa Berry about what ‘Breathing Love’ really means in daily life. Click below to listen.


Podcast with Lisa K & Jennie Lee

Breathing Love – Meditation in Action with Lisa K.

Lisa K. asks some probing questions about how we can expand our capacity to love and what that feels like on this podcast about Breathing Love. Listen here


Spiritual Nature & Energy of Love through Meditation with Shirley McLaine

Shirley McLaine Radio podcast with Jennie Lee discussing the spiritual nature and energy of love that we can all tap into through meditation. Listen here


Conscious Loving with Simran Singh

Speaking with Simran about the powerful spiritual practice of conscious loving.


Business of Yoga with Amy McDonald

The Business of Yoga Speaker Series Banner

Business of Yoga Speaker Series