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Here to Thrive Podcast with Jennie Lee 300x300

"Here to Thrive" with Kate Snowise

“This episode we dive into the power of having a soul connection with ourselves, and more importantly, how we can foster that. Among other things we discuss:

  • What Yoga Therapy is vs. Exercise Yoga
  • What self inquiry offers us
  • How we can self-reflection and introspect in order to connect with ourselves
  • The 3-essential elements of spiritual connection
  • How mediation can help with minimizing self-doubt
  • And so much more.”

"Are you listening to the question life is asking you?" with Tami Simon

“In this conversation with Sounds True founder Tami Simon, Jennie discusses the importance of knowing how to ask the right questions, rediscovering the art of introspection, assessing your own spiritual evolution, and much more.”

"Learn to Love" with Zach Beach

“How do we discover our true nature as love? How can meditation grow our love? What is another way to perceive the divine force, and even discover it within ourselves?”

"A Mindful Moment" with Teresa McKee

“After the kind of year we’ve all experienced and now with big new changes occurring, instead of tackling external changes, it might be time to go inward first.”

"How our Beliefs Inform our Truths" with Mel Schwartz

Mel & Jennie “explore the nature of the personal change process, including why some people embrace change while others resist it. Many provocative questions and issues arise around the question, “How do we know what we know?” Mel and Jennie examine how our beliefs inform our “truth,” and how we can re-envision reality, enabling us to get unstuck as we join in the universal flow.”

"Wing Academy Radio" with Diane Wing

Diane chats with Jennie about her book, Spark Change and attaining greater self-awareness.

"The Boundless Soul" with Laura Christine

“Award winning author Jennie Lee and I dig into questions and topics around Values, the Inner Voice, and Being Boundless. Learn why spiritual evolution and inner work are essential right NOW, and how seeing this time as an opportunity rather than a roadblock can create the lasting positive change we are all craving.”

"Inside Personal Growth" with Greg Voisen

Greg and Jennie have a thoughtful conversation about unity consciousness, contemplation and the change the world needs now.

"Be Present: The Diane Ray Show" with Diane Ray

“Certified yoga and meditation teacher Jennie Lee provides tools to strengthen our psychological resilience through the process of conscious, introspective questioning.”

"BrainShape podcast" with Dr. Andrea Wilkinson

Dr. Andrea Wilkinson speaks with Jennie about her newest book, Spark Change.


"Out of the Fog Podcast" with Karen Hager

“Conscious, introspective questioning can strengthen psychological resilience, and bring insight into what is most important to you. Jennie Lee shares tools to spark change and look at what might be holding you back.”

"New Human Living Radio" with Les Jensen

Kassandra Reinhardt speaks with Jennie about the connection to love from a yoga therapy perspective and the concept of self-love.

"The Spiritual Path of the Yoga Therapist" with Michele Lawrence

Michele Lawrence talks with Jennie “about the Spiritual work of the yoga therapist and shared applications of how her books True Yoga & Breathing Love can assist yoga teachers, yoga therapists and all seekers on the path.”

"Get Over It!" with Monique Chapman

Sharing strategies for maintaining our inner equilibrium and peace and how to choose a response from love, even in turbulent times. Also hope for those have been frustrated trying to meditate.

"Light on Living" with Lisa Berry

Talking with Lisa Berry about what ‘Breathing Love’ really means in daily life.

"Conscious Loving" with Simran Singh

Speaking with Simran about the powerful spiritual practice of conscious loving.

"Energy Awareness" with T. Love

Filled with laughter, Jennie & T. Love talk about how simple it is to choose love and what a profound difference it makes to your happiness!

"Questions that Spark Transformation" with Dr. Laurel Trujillo

“How can the right questions redefine the trajectory of your life? Spiritual teacher and author of Spark Change: 108 Provocative Questions for Spiritual Evolution, Jennie Lee discusses how we can deepen awareness of our innermost needs, allowing us to initiate powerful shifts in our lives.”

"Examining Medicine" with Dr. Franchell Hamilton

“The Power of self-reflection to spark positive personal change. Everyone knows they need some form of change in their life whether dealing with depression, anxiety, weight or addiction but they get stuck between insight and action. In this episode we discuss a strategic guide for implementing conscious personal transformation now. We are joined by the award winning author of the three books with her most recent being called Spark Change Jennie Lee. She empowers readers through the process of introspection to catalyze personal transformation.”

"60 Mindful Minutes Podcast" with Kristen Manieri

“In this episode of 60 Mindful Minutes, we dive into the value of introspection, how to work with deep questions and how to find the space and time for your inner contemplative work.”

"How Questions Can Unlock Our Potential" with Becki Fleischer

“In this conversation with Sounds True founder Tami Simon, Jennie discusses the importance of knowing how to ask the right questions, rediscovering the art of introspection, assessing your own spiritual evolution, and much more.”

"Spark Change for Spiritual Evolution" with Drew Taddia

Drew discusses daily meditation practice and the importance of maintaining a consistent practice.

"Angel Quest Radio Show" with Karen Noé

Karen chats with Jennie about her new book, Spark Change and the practices of self-practice, meditation and reflection.

"Get up Nation Podcast" with Ben Biddick

“I’m so grateful [Jennie has] taken time to share with all of us her new book that has never been more essential for our mental health and ability to face our world’s challenges than during COVID19.”

"Born to Talk Radio Show" with Marsha Wietecha

“When asked, what she thought are important factors for someone to Spark Change she said: ‘Awareness and Willingness. Purpose and thinking differently to make a change. Alignment. Action. Vulnerability. And the connection to ourselves and to others.’ “

"Breathing Love" with Marianne

Marianne talks with Jennie about how she uses “the practices she writes about in Breathing Love,” and how she “helps people overcome grief, depression, anxiety, and stress as well as create lives filled with greater joy.”

"8 Limbs of Yoga" with Shannon Crow

“Jennie opens up about her life challenges and how The 8 Limbs have helped her navigate the hardest times, how she applies it to her work as a yoga therapist, and her new book Breathing Love: Meditation in Action.” – The Connected Yoga Teacher

"Breathing Love: Meditation In Action" with Lisa K.

Lisa K. asks some probing questions about how we can expand our capacity to love and what that feels like on this podcast about Breathing Love.

"Explore Your Spiritual Evolution" with Britt Skrabanek

In this episode, Jennie talks about how she sees accomplishment and the role that her yoga practice has played in understanding her motivations. She acknowledges how lucky she is to be aligned with her calling, and the work she does to connect with her spiritual exploration and help people feel good about themselves.”

BookMattic Best Books Podcast

It was such a joy chatting with Jennie about her book Spark Change: Provocative Questions that will Change Your Life. She has a lot of energy and shares a whole lot of value in this episode. So please check it out.”

"Inner Guidance Daily" with Lauren Lee

In this episode, you will receive insights from Jennie on how to approach answering questions that spark change, what to watch out for, and how to be courageous in self-inquiry.  To Jennie, “Questions are the art of progress for our souls”. This is a soulful, honest, and life-changing conversation. Grab a pen, paper, and spark the change you want to see in the world. ”

"Empowerography Podcast" with Brad Walsh

Brad & Jennie “discuss writing and being an author, coaching, being a certified yoga therapist, light bulb moments, awakenings and emotions.”

"Understanding How to Ask the Right Question" with Lucy Forsting

As we age, we tend to become more jaded as we look at life but if we can regain the magical outlook of a child, we can begin to create the world we really want. Jennie and I talk about realizing that the energy of love is what holds us all together and the most important thing we can all do is to seek understanding.”

"Spark Change for Vibrant Living" with Monique Chapman

…Jennie shares sage advice for navigating life. Remember you can not change someone else. Change lies within. There is a time and place for all conversations. Be cognizant and pick the time that you could actually be heard. Learn how to be non attached to any outcome and set healthy boundaries.”

"Life on Purpose Podcast" with Gregory Berg

“Can ONE question change your life? My guest for Life on Purpose Episode #94 is award-winning author, yoga therapist, and spiritual coach Jennie Lee, who believes the answer is yes. Jennie is passionate about helping people to create lives filled with purpose and joy and does so with her writing and work.”

Source: Life on Purpose

"Spark Change" with Marianne

“Can you obtain greater self-awareness through thoughtful questions? Celebrity yoga & meditation expert Jennie Lee shares with us how to do this on a daily basis, while reaching your highest potential!”

"How To Find Your Way When You Are Feeling Lost or Stuck" with Yoga Unplugged Conversations

“Today Jennie and I are discussing how to find your way when you are feeling lost or stuck. Her new book, Spark Change: 108 Provocative Questions for Spiritual Evolution, teaches us how.

If you have found yourself on a path you didn’t intend to be on or feel incapable of making your next move forward this episode is for you.”

"The Secret to Optimal Wellbeing and Purposeful Living" with Yeukai Kajidori

“Jennie Lee shares secrets that will help you reconnect to your soul wisdom and live a peaceful, purposeful life. So if you want to bring your mind to a state of inner peace, tap into your intuition, and make positive life changes so you can find clarity, inspiration, and joy, tune in now!”

"Best Ever You" with Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino

Elizabeth talks with Jennie about her upcoming book, Spark Change.

Source: Best Ever You

Facebook Live with Abby Geyer, Jivamaya Yoga Wisdom Talks

“Jivamaya Yoga Wisdom Talks with Jennie Lee, award-winning author, spiritual counselor, yoga therapist, August 19, 2020 discussing new book ‘Spark Change’.”

"Inside Personal Growth" with Greg Voisen

In this interview, Greg Voisen and I talk about the wonderful effects of meditation and mindfulness, how these practices can help us heal emotional scars while bringing in more love for ourselves and others. Creating a practice of stillness allows us time to check in, get centered, self-reflect.  These moments help us manage stress, to listen to our inner needs and to respond with self-compassion.  We address questions like: What beliefs about love do I hold that are not uplifting me?  Do I have judgments about love? And how we can overcome these to open to a new experience of more expansive love.