Who Writes a Book on Love?!?

As an author, I am often asked, why did I write my book, or what I hope readers will take away. On reflecting on this question, I realized that writing Breathing Love has been an effort in synthesizing and sharing the best of the past 30 years of my life, my studies, and self-reflection. Through it, I also clarified my strongest determination for the rest of my life – to love completely and with no limits.

It has been an exercise in self-discipline, introspection, gratitude, laughter, compassion and appreciation in the following ways: 

  • Self-discipline in plowing through when I wanted to quit – oh so many times!
  • Introspection on experiences I thought were long behind me
  • Gratitude for the blocks to love that it cleared from my heart
  • Humor for the times I fail at the things I try hard to teach
  • Compassion for myself, and everyone else who is trying to keep their heart open in this crazy world
  • Appreciation for the support I received from family, friends, God and unseen angels

I hope that reading Breathing Love will bring you what writing it brought me. Things like:

  • Greater patience, gentleness and compassion for yourself and everyone around you
  • A deeper understanding that when people act badly, they are suffering, and our anger response will not help or change them, only a loving one will
  • A willingness to own our pettiness and ego, things we need to clarify and let go
  • A release of old anger and sadness that we may not even know we are holding
  • The revelation of buried feelings that need more love and acceptance
  • A lighter heart and more joy
  • Strength to never give up, no matter what the world offers back

Writing this book has been a total energy spend, like vigorous exercise, which has helped me build a new level of endurance and also enabled me to finally rest. It has challenged me to see God in every face and place. And it has expressed the deepest cry of my soul, one that has been there since childhood that screams, “Please people, just love each other!”

As a writer and a mother, having given birth to creations of the heart and physical children, I am well aware that although both are filled with intense personal love and investment, all are destined to enter the world on their own terms and touch others as they may. Lessons of non-attachment come with both, given that we cannot control the final success or failure of our creations, whether human or literary. And the same is true about love. All we can do is be fully present with each breath of life, give our best and highest love, and then trust in whatever follows.

I offer Breathing Love to you as inspiration and trust that it will touch those it is meant to. I release you my love. You are not mine, and never have been. You are God’s. God’s love for all. God’s love in all. We are all love.


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