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What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

Jennie Lee, Spiritual Life Coach & Yoga Therapist

Jennie Lee

Spiritual Life Coaching is:

  • An opportunity to assess your beliefs about self, Spirit, and the purpose of life
  • Guidance toward the experience of greater insight, intuition, love, compassion, creativity and focused attention.
  • Practices to clear energetic blocks and limiting beliefs which may be keeping you stuck, or affecting your physical or mental health
  • Perspective on how to move through fear, pain and stress in order to anchor your life in love, joy and peace.
  • Inspiration to help you find deeper meaning and purpose
  • A way to connect with the non-physical part of yourself – your soul
  • A refresher for connection with your concept of the Divine
  • A process for integrating your life as a human and as a spiritual being
  • Suggestions for spiritual practices that allow your soul to blossom and keep you connected to your Divine wisdom.

Spiritual Life Coaching is NOT:
A pitch for any religion or specific practice. We all have our own spiritual beliefs and ways of connecting to Source.

What does this have to do with Yoga Therapy?

The ancient science of yoga is a philosophy which acknowledges our inherent spirituality and has hundreds of practices to help us integrate our spiritual and human experience. Yoga Therapy addresses any imbalances we may be experiencing by utilizing this set of principles and practices to help us live in optimal wellbeing.

All of my counsel is based on Yoga Philosophy as I have studied and lived these teachings for the past 25 years and know how beneficial they are. I have lots of experience tailoring practices to each individual’s needs and love watching the transformations that come.

Times when Spiritual Life Coaching / Yoga therapy can be helpful:

  • You are going through a life transition
  • You are questioning your purpose or next steps
  • You have recently had a loss (relationship, job, health)
  • You would like to feel more optimism, love, trust, gratitude, compassion
  • You want to release old beliefs about God and actually have a personal inner experience of the Divine
  • You need someone objective to talk with (friends and family have their biases)
  • You want to keep peace in your heart even when surrounded by chaos
  • You are willing to activate positive change
  • You are ready to be happier and spiritually in-tune.

What happens in a Spiritual Life Coaching/ Yoga Therapy session?

  • When you book a session, I send a questionnaire to help you clarify the issues and goals we will be working together on.
  • At the first meeting, we assess any obstacles which seem to be in the way of those goals, their root causes and any limiting beliefs you may hold.
  • We begin with practices to clear those and to open into a more spiritual perspective. These might include breath work, meditation, soul retrieval, deep relaxation, yoga movement and more.
  • You will always be offered suggested practices between sessions and email support is always available.

JOY is the essence of our spiritual nature, and we are meant to uncover more and more of it. Much like a sculptor chips away parts of stone to reveal the image within, the majority of our ‘work’ is removing obstacles to our joy – things like limiting beliefs, fears, and self-doubts.

I promise to: 

  • Validate your perspectives
  • Challenge your limitations
  • Keep you accountable to your goals and visions
  • Teach you ways to become less reactive and more creative
  • Help you trust yourself and your intuition
  • Offer confidential, compassionate counsel

By reconnecting with our souls, we gain clarity of purpose and action.  And life gets a lot more interesting when we know why we are here and what we are meant to do! Furthermore, once we know our Divinity, we open into a radical new level of joy.

If you are ready to up-level your JOY, I think you will resonate with my approach to Spiritual Life Coaching/Yoga Therapy!

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