Books by Jennie Lee

Breathing Love  – Released Jan. 2018!

5 Star Review on Spirituality Today 

“…the author does an excellent job confronting the inherent challenges that we all face in trying to love and be loving in a free and open way…. Breathing Love is one of those works that translates and transforms, guides and prompts its reader into appreciating the transformative power of Divine Love….Irrespective of your religious or spiritual beliefs Breathing Love is a highly-recommended read.”

Featured in Top 10 Inspirational Books 2018 Aspire Magazine

With compounding chaos and disconnection in the world separating us all from Love, it is time for more than meditation. It is time for meditation in action. Breathing Love: Meditation in Action focuses on what it takes to live love, beyond personal desire or history. It provides a guide to develop universal love, as a spiritual practice that shifts consciousness from fear and negativity, to faith and trust. Readers get an action plan for loving in spite of life’s difficulties and personal illustrations from my life of how love in action has healed disharmony and given life lasting meaning. Read More

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What people are saying:

Breathing Love is extraordinarily important. Lee provides a path not just for personal psychospiritual growth, but also for the survival of our species.”  – Larry Dossey M.D., Author of One Mind:  How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

“Never has the art of cultivating true, generous love and the higher Self through meditation practices been better explained. Lee offers the essential vitamin pill for the soul. Brilliant, elegant, and easily practical.” – Stephen G. Post, Author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People  & President of the Institute for Research on Unlimited Love

“Brimming with inspiration for those building or expanding a practice of meditation, not just as a self-care practice, but as a means to heal our hurts and fill our hearts with calm trust and LOVE.” – Agapi Stassinopoulos, Author of Wake Up To The Joy Of You

True Yoga

True Yoga is an inspirational guide through the Yoga Sutras reaching beyond the popular physical practice of yoga to the timeless teachings of consciousness transformation. Yoga therapist Jennie Lee makes the wisdom and universal spirituality of the ancient yogis understandable and practical for all, integrating daily exercises, reflections and affirmations to create enduring happiness. Whether challenged by work, health, relationships, or parenting, readers of all walks of life will find tangible practices to illuminate their material and spiritual lives. Read More

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What people are saying:

“By drawing on real-world trials and tribulations, Lee brings the Sutras to life. She explores how they might help with the tedium of sitting in traffic; the sensory overload from too much time on the Internet; the breakup of a marriage; or the stress and tension of raising a family while working full time.”  ~ Yoga U Online Review 

“True Yoga is an amazingly comprehensive book of life, each section crafted with clarity, humility, and love. Almost everywhere we go we see the physical manifestation of yoga. What we don’t see are its universal inner qualities. Jennie Lee has opened our eyes and made this often misunderstood practice remarkably accessible.” ~ Graham Salisbury award winning author of Under the Blood Red Sun