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Jennie Lee (Hawaii) is the author of two award winning books, True Yoga: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness & Spiritual Fulfillment and Breathing Love: Meditation in Action. She is also a certified yoga therapist who has spent two decades coaching people through the healing practices of classical yoga, meditation and spiritual living. Using the strategies she writes about in her books, Jennie passionately inspires her clients to overcome any obstacles that keep them from living authentically, aligned with their highest purpose and joy. She works with people from all walks of life, coaching via Skype internationally. Jennie also leads yearly wellness retreats in beautiful places worldwide. When she is not teaching or writing, you will find Jennie surfing a wave near her home on O’ahu, Hawai’i, where she lives with her husband and two bunnies.

Key Points

  • 20 years practicing and teaching Yoga
  • Coaches a wide demographic of clients, ages 6–94, including Celebrities, CEOs, Doctors, Writers, Psychologists, Lawyers, Financial Analysts, Educators, Actors, Military Officers & Veterans and more
  • Specializes in counseling for anxiety, depression, grief, stress and relationship issues
  • Therapy model is a combination of: Classical Yoga philosophy and practice, Somatic and Process Therapy, Spiritual Psychology, Traditional Psychology, and Core Energetics
  • Leads workshops, educational lectures, corporate presentations, and retreats worldwide
  • Certified Yoga Therapist  – C-IAYT International Association of Yoga Therapists
  • Registered Yoga Teacher – RYT 500 Yoga Alliance (Note: The yoga therapy components of my teaching are based on my C-IAYT credential  not derived from my status as an RYT with Yoga Alliance Registry.)
  • 20 years as a professional film, television and stage actor & member of Screen Actor’s Guild

Teaching Endorsements

  • “Jennie’s ability to take this spiritual practice and make it practical – something one can apply to daily life situations – is very unique and is what makes this type of collaboration powerful.” ~ Esmeralda C, Director of Literacy D.O.E. HI


  • “In more than 25 years of experience as a student and teacher in the field of personal growth, I have never found anyone as gifted as Jennie Lee. Her unique blend of talk therapy, yoga and meditation helped me make rapid progress on my journey of self-understanding, emotional wholeness and peace. If you are serious about the process of self-discovery and awareness—I know of no one I would recommend more highly.”  ~ Art Dwight, President, One Decision


  • “Jennie has been a remarkable source of inspiration and strength to me.” ~ Jeff W., Surgeon


  • “I have worked very closely with Jennie Lee for over ten years. Jennie’s patience, encouragement and ability to demonstrate the practical application of Yoga Sutras and principles have helped me to deepen my practice to reach levels of understanding I’d not be capable or ready to reach on my own. She is truly a gifted teacher – a gem!” ~ Nancy J., Human Resources Director


  • “Jennie is an amazing teacher and gifted soul. She is patient and kind, intuitive and helped me identify areas of my life where I was holding myself back. I highly recommend Jennie to anyone who wants to utilize yoga in your own personal growth and expansion & make life changing results in a positive direction!” ~ Jenny Kerr, Financial Coach


  • “Jennie possesses an unusually acute insight and the empathy to instruct clients in the Yoga Sutras in a way that resonates with each individual client. Flexible, spontaneous, creative and kind, Jennie brings a mix of delight in movement, reverence for the natural world and deep knowledge of yoga philosophy to her practice and her teaching.” ~ Julia Purinton, Artist


  • “Jennie’s depth of experience, knowledge, wisdom and compassion create a sacred space where you can truly transform your life.” ~ Kathleen Batcheller, Marketing Director


  • “With Jennie, I have learned so many things that are uplifting and spiritual.” ~ Paulette Theriault, Professional Pianist


  • “Jennie is very candid. She does not pretend that yoga, or anything for that matter, is easy. She admits that things are rough sometimes and that yoga is a way to work with that rough stuff.” ~ Katie Bouton, President/ CEO Koya Consulting


  • “Jennie has been an incredible support and teacher for me. I am so grateful to have met her and had the opportunity to work with her.” ~ Frances McLaughlin, Nonprofit President


  • “Jennie is a fabulous teacher and facilitator!” ~ M. Sheehan, Financial Adviser

Full Bio

Jennie Lee is an author, teacher and speaker specializing in classical yoga, meditation and mindful wellness. For over 20 years, she has bridged the universal ideals and practices of Eastern philosophy with the needs and challenges of modern Western living. Her first, award-winning book, TRUE YOGA: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness and Spiritual Fulfillment offers practitioners tangible strategies to apply this ancient science of yogic living today. Her second book, Breathing Love: Meditation in Action deepens the conversation and delivers a powerful message about loving as a necessary and universal spiritual practice.


Known for living what she teaches, Lee’s counsel is based on studies in Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Spiritual Psychology, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation. She is a Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists as well as a Certified Process Therapist. Lee founded the Stillness in Motion Studio for Yoga & Wellness in Newburyport, MA in 2002 where, for 10 years, she offered a full array of weekly classes and workshops. For the past 9 years, she has been writing and coaching privately in Hawai’i for clients who wish to improve their lives through holistic methods. A featured expert on Yoga and Meditation, Lee’s writing is currently spotlighted on Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Yogi Times, Yogapedia, and other wellness related blogs.


Lee’s personal application of yoga and meditation to life challenges began when she lost her second child at birth, was facing divorce, living in an unfamiliar region of the country without friends, and needed income while trying to be present for her 3 year old son. She had nowhere to go except to her practice and when she opened her Yoga studio, she began to see how all the students who came to her, whether they knew it or not, were there for more than just a physical workout.  In the intimate moments of practice, she could see that everyone was craving a deeper understanding of their life experiences, and a desire to find their true purpose. To meet this need, she began combining techniques from her Master’s work in Spiritual Psychology, with the practices taught in the Yoga Sutras.


Now, with over 20, 000 teaching/counseling hours under her belt, and 20 years of personal practice of these teachings, she is a testament to the fact that Yoga holds the keys to getting through the difficult times in life and our ability to emerge from them in joy.


Lee offers yearly international yoga & meditation retreats. Retreat themes have included The Eight Limbs of Yoga; The Yoga of Love and Devotion; The Yoga of Imagination; Yoga for Conscious Trust; Steps to Consciousness; Authenticity and Wellness; Conquering Fear; and Opening to More Joy.


Lee is a skilled resource for individuals and groups that recognize the need for a proactive wellness initiative, and who are committed to supporting this through holistic health care measures. She provides interactive presentations and counsel for organizational leaders, who are striving for personal congruity and well-being in their lives, and an understanding of how these affect authenticity and fulfillment.


The diversity of professionals who have entrusted Lee with their personal growth speaks to her ability to effectively touch a wide range of individuals. Doctors, lawyers, psychologists, celebrity actors, internationally acclaimed authors, military officers, and more have experienced positive change through working with Lee. Celebrity yoga clients Include Emily Blunt, Rachel McAdams, Gloria Cooper, and Dr. Keith Ablow.


In addition to individual coaching, Lee has worked with management groups at corporations such as the World Surf League, Draper Laboratory, Prudential Locations Realty, and The Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center and made presentations on Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness for the National Association for Professional Women, the Social Wahines, Hawaii Yoga Festival, as well as yoga studios and schools nationwide.

About the Books

Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers

Trade Paperback:

Body, Mind, Spirit / Meditation
ISBN: 9780738752099
US Price: $16.99
CAN Price: $21.95

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Breathing Love

Meditation in Action

2018 ABT Best Book Award Winner: Self Help/Motivational

2018 IAN Book of the Year Award Finalist: Spirituality/ Inspirational

2018 I & I Book Awards Semi-Finalist: Instructional & Insightful Non-fiction

Top 10 Inspiring Books (Aspire Magazine Jan. 2018)


Addressing the compounding chaos and disconnection in the world, Breathing Love: Meditation in Action focuses on what it takes to connect to love and walk in love in this challenging time. It provides a guide to develop love as a spiritual practice to shift consciousness from fear and negativity, to faith and trust. Readers get an action plan for loving in spite of life’s difficulties and personal illustrations from the author’s life of how love in action heals disharmony and gives life lasting meaning.

Key themes include:

  • How to live fearlessly and practice love in daily life
  • How to love beyond one’s current limitations
  • How to have a deeper relationship with the Source of all love
  • How to become receptive to divine love through meditation
  • How to access soul level love for greater peace
  • How to spiritualize relationships through more unconditioned love
  • How to experience non-personal love for all beings
  • How to find ultimate purpose in living a love directed life
True Yoga by Jennie Lee

Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers

Trade Paperback:

Body, Mind, Spirit / Yoga
ISBN: 9780738746258
US Price: $16.99
CAN Price: $19.50

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True Yoga

Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness & Spiritual Fulfillment

2016 USA Best Book Awards Finalist: Spirituality / Inspirational


True Yoga is an exploration of how to incorporate the inner and outer practices of yoga (the ‘Eight Limbs’) into modern life to feel more peace, balance and joy. Reaching beyond the popular physical practice of yoga to the timeless wisdom and universal spirituality of the ancient yogis, this inspirational guide through the Yoga Sutras, gives readers daily exercises, reflections and affirmations to create enduring happiness. Whether challenged by work, health, relationships, or parenting, readers of all walks of life will find tangible practices to illuminate their material and spiritual lives. Unlike other complex and esoteric translations of the Yoga Sutras, TRUE YOGA makes the classical teachings tangible for all ages and skill levels. It is perfect for newcomers to yoga, teachers in training, and long time practitioners who want to be spiritually focused while still grounded in modern life.

Key themes include:

  • What yoga is beyond the popular physical practice
  • What the Eight Limbs of Yoga have to do with everyday life
  • What yoga practices reduce stress and foster peace
  • How yoga philosophy makes life more harmonious
  • How to establish a deep meditation practice
  • How to increase focus, intuition and mental clarity
  • How to find meaning and purpose, spiritually & materially

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Morning Show Appearances

Suggested Interview Questions

  • What does it mean to ‘breathe love?’
  • What is ‘meditation in action?’
  • Can anyone meditate? What are the benefits of meditating?
  • What does meditation have to do with love?
  • How can we choose love ‘anyway, always, and no matter what?’
  • Why do you call love “the most universal spiritual practice?”
  • How can meditation/yoga improve someone’s relationship to himself and others?
  • Does meditation help with anxiety and fear?
  • You write about “lasting happiness” and “real love.” How do you define these?
  • What inspired you to write Breathing Love  (or True Yoga)?
  • What are some common misconceptions about meditation/yoga?
  • How are yoga and meditation related?
  • What is Yoga Therapy and how does it differ from a yoga class?
  • What do you hope people take away from Breathing Love (or True Yoga)?

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