True Yoga

best-book-award2016 USA Best Book Awards Finalist in Spirituality: Inspirational Category

Excerpt from the book:

“Mistakenly, many people think of yoga and meditation as two separate practices. Yet the sutras clearly describe meditation as the core of the teachings and the culmination of all practices upheld by the previous limbs… It is here we experience the intended purpose and goal of yoga, the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind and the expansion of consciousness to its natural omniscience and joy…

By disengaging habitual patterns and responses, we break free from unhealthy ways of thinking and acting. We become lighter, freer, more understanding, and more compassionate with others and ourselves. We watch the train of thoughts go by and see that on the other side of the tracks is joy. It is already there, right now. We just have to clear the way to receive its blessing.”

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“By drawing on real-world trials and tribulations, Lee brings the Sutras to life. She explores how they might help with the tedium of sitting in traffic; the sensory overload from too much time on the Internet; the breakup of a marriage; or the stress and tension of raising a family while working full time.”  ~ Yoga U Online Review 

Readers will find…

  • An understanding of what Yoga is beyond the popular physical practice
  • Strategies to manage everyday stress and attain peace and balance
  • Yoga philosophy that is relevant to life right now
  • Tips on how to establish a simple yet profound meditation practice
  • Ways to integrate spiritual and material aspects of life
  • Techniques to increase focus, intuition and mental clarity
  • Greater purpose and meaning

“Lee’s advice is supportive and will interest those who already practice the physical aspects of yoga but are seeking deeper understanding of the philosophical and spiritual elements. It will also be useful to newcomers to yoga, providing a strong foundation for the connections between mind, body, and spirit.” ~ Foreword Reviews 5 Stars

Great for yoga teacher training! As a yoga teacher involved in teacher training programs, I will make this book a welcome new addition to our required reading lists.” ~ Amazon reviews

“In this work (Lee) does for the Sutras what Coleman Barks’ translations did for Rumi. She gives these ancient writings an up-to-date rendering that makes them exciting and relevant to our times.” ~ Life Force Yoga Research Review


Endorsements for True Yoga

“True Yoga outlines the grandeur of this path we call Yoga, and how it encompasses and refines our inner and outer lives.
It is a real gift.”

“A beautifully written translation and commentary rooted in compassion, in which we can see ourselves reflected.”

“A wonderfully fresh, practical and down-to-earth guide to applying the sage wisdom of the Yoga Sutras to contemporary everyday life. Even if you have several translations of the Yoga Sutras this book offers a unique perspective and deserves a place in your Yoga library.”

“This beautiful, wise, and exceedingly practical guide on how to live True Yoga is destined to be a classic. Not only should it be on every yogi’s bookshelf, but also on their mats as a roadmap for practice.”

nischala joy devi
Donna Farhi

Nischala Joy Devi
Author of Healing Path of Yoga
& the Secret Power of Yoga

Amy Weintraub
Author of Yoga for Depression and Yoga Skills for Therapists

Donna Farhi
Author of Bringing Yoga to Life

Leza Lowitz
Author of Yoga Poems, Yoga Heart, and Here Comes The Sun

“True Yoga is an amazingly comprehensive book of life, each section crafted with clarity, humility, and love. Almost everywhere we go we see the physical manifestation of yoga. What we don’t see are its universal inner qualities. Jennie Lee has opened our eyes and made this often misunderstood practice remarkably accessible. Truly brilliant, life-affirming work.”

“With True Yoga Jennie Lee interprets the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy for a modern Western audience with clarity and simplicity to joyfully and meaningfully apply its power to cope with life’s stresses as well as enjoy its rewards. Her inspirational writing uplifts the heart, body and soul.”

“Jennie Lee’s True Yoga reminds us that what we need to be happy isn’t outside of us, but rather an essential part of who we are. The questions she asks are provocative and if answered honestly, will lead to beautiful breakthroughs.This is a book you will want to pick up again and again.”


Graham Salisbury
Award winning author of Under the Blood Red Sun

Sydney Solis
Author of Storytime Yoga

Suzanne Dubus
CEO Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center, award winning expert on domestic violence

“Jennie Lee has poured her heart into this interpretation of the Yoga Sutras, and grounded the teachings in a living practice that supports a happy, free, and wise life.” ~ Kelly Birch, Editor of Yoga Therapy Today, magazine of the International Association of Yoga Therapists

“An accessible introduction to the Eight Limbs of Yoga….a great supplement to technical translations of the Sutras.” ~Janet Stone, Owner of Janet Stone Yoga