Changing the Mass Consciousness

As we sit most of today watching the devastation reports from Japan, thousands missing and dead, the nuclear alert pending as well as the damage in No. California and on the US east coast , it is just unbelievable what the Earth is throwing up.

It is definitely this kind of event that makes us all reflect upon how fragile life is and how fleeting the things that we ‘think’ are so permanent. This is truly a time for world prayer. Although the imminent crisis is so obviously in Japan, we are all at risk from the disturbance of consciousness that has been at play for so long upon the earth.

Just hours before the earthquake in Japan I was reading this passage from Yoga master Paramahansa Yogananda,

” The vibrations of the thoughts and feelings of thousands being killed in the fighting have caused atmospheric changes that are responsible for these floods and other disasters around the world. War spews out vibrations of wrong that throw all nature out of balance and harmony, causing “natural” catastrophes. God gave freedom to man, and man has misused that freedom., this is the cause of suffering. The misuse of our God-given free will has terrifying consequences.”

In order to even begin to shift the earth energies, we MUST begin to shift our own consciousness….from hatred to peace, from fear to love, and from self-protection to compassion.  Yogananda continues….

 ” As one develops spiritually and realizes his kinship with all that lives, his responsibility to share the suffering of others increases.”

 Also Amma (the “Hugging Saint” responsible for humanitarian relief efforts all over the world)  teaches that the most important quality humanity needs to develop at this time is compassion. These two modern enlightened masters echo the teaching in the Yoga Sutras that we must “embrace reverence and love for all (ahimsa)”  in order to create peace.

There is no time to waste and THIS MUST BEGIN WITHIN each one of our hearts. If we cannot set aside our differences, the “disturbances” of the earth will continue to escalate affecting us ALL. If we can shift to a consciousness of compassion, peace, unity and love, we will change the course of the world.