How To Increase Your Self-Control

To accomplish anything we want in life, we need focus, willpower, and self-control to stick with our intention. The Yoga Sutras tell us that by being ‘dedicated to self-control, great energy is gained.’ (Sutra ii.38) Let’s look a little deeper at how we can develop this essential life skill. Read full post here.




Jennie Lee Yoga Therapy honored on the “Top Yoga Blogs You Can Read for Inspiration in 2017”

In this world of chaos, people often try to find peace. They have their own ways and secrets to reach to harmony. But one common and a very popular source is Yoga.

Yoga is known all around the world for its amazing results, and most of all, for the relaxation that it makes us feel. Top Yoga Blogs will help you understand what yoga actually is, and to give you a step-by-step guide on how to perform it.



Jennie Lee Yoga Therapy featured in Top 50 Favorite Yoga & Wellness Blogs

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Are you sacrificing joy for self-image?

Are you your own harshest critic? Are you robbing yourself of your innate joy for the sake of your self-image? This is no way to live your life.

What does being authentic mean?
How do our relationships reflect our spirituality?
Changing the Mass Consciousness from Fear to Love 

Yoga Practice

tips for stress free holidays

5 Yoga Tips for Stress Free Holidays

The holidays always seem to be filled to capacity and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Follow these 5 tips for stress free holidays.


How Yoga Helps
A Yoga Practice for Peaceful Holidays
Skydiving & Yoga

Yoga Philosophy

Why do we need silence?

What does silence have to do with yoga?

“May you find again within yourself the deep life giving silence which is genuine truth and the source of truth.” ~ Thomas Merton

Choosing Love
Para-Ascending: Paragliding Meets Yoga Therapy



Jennie Answers Questions about Meditation on Yogapedia

What should I expect from meditation?

Where does fulfillment come from?

Where can I meditate?

How often should I meditate?

How do I prepare for being in silence?